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While there’s no denying that streaming services like Spotify and Pandora are popular, AM/FM radio is still far more popular. If you’ve been fooled by the presumed popularity of streaming services, you’re not alone. According to a survey by Edison Research, the audience share for AM/FM is twenty-one times larger than the audience share for Spotify, and fourteen times larger than the audience share for Pandora. Many people think streaming services are putting radio at a huge disadvantage. Not so. Radio still remains the number one way that new music is discovered. Not only that, but radio delivers fresh, new content, and here art Clarke Broadcasting we have an enormous audience that is kept up-to-date with fire and other emergency information, keeping you and your family safe.

Karen Jensen
Co-op funds

Did you know that billions of dollars in co-op funds go unused each year? Co-op funds are set aside by manufacturers to give their vendors incentive to advertise their product. Most of the time the amount of money the vendor receives is based on prior year sales, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Why would a business pass up the opportunity to use co-op dollars that are provided for them?

We generally hear three reasons:
  • There’s a certain amount of paperwork that goes with submissions for reimbursement.
  • The co-op usually only pays a percentage of the total dollars spent.
  • The vendor doesn’t know how much is available to them.

If you have a business relationship with a manufacturer and carry their product in your store, be sure to ask if co-op funds are available. That money is yours. Let’s use it! At Clarke Broadcasting we’re experts at handling co-op advertising situations. Call us at 209-533-1450 and ask for our Sales Manager.

Getting clients their spot on the radio and creating successful ad campaigns in the Mother Lode. Creating radio advertisements for clients for decades and helping local businesses advertise online since 2001.

– Karen Jensen

Most people use one form of social media or another. At Clarke Broadcasting, we use social media to keep in touch with our listeners on a personal basis. The issue with social media is that we expect it to deliver huge results when it’s used as an advertising vehicle. Take Facebook for example. Lots of businesses utilize it because it’s cheap. But be careful – even Facebook acknowledges that only two percent of all posts are actually noted. We’re a massive society, and reaching only two percent of users, one at a time keeps your business from reaching enough consumers. That’s why a mass medium like radio works well in conjunction with your social media efforts. Ninety-three percent of Americans use radio on a weekly basis, so your customers are listening, and no one has more listeners than the three stations of Clarke Broadcasting. For more great marketing insights, call us at 209-533-1450 and ask for our Sales Manager.

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